Monday, February 9, 2009

Nothing With a Heart Except Artichokes

So I have been vegetarian since I was in 7th grade. I am now a Junior in college so that comes out to around 8 or 9 years as a vegetarian. What I say is that "I don't eat anything with a heart...except artichokes." It generally works very well for me.

I have periodically tried veganism. That means along with no meat, fish or poultry, there are no dairy products such as milk, cheese, or eggs. For me, the problem with being vegan is that cereal, on of my favorite foods becomes a problem. I'm not really a substitute kind of girl, so soy milk, almond milk and rice milk do not trick my tastebuds. They can trick my eyes, but not the mouth.

People ask me, "How do you get enough protein!?"
The average American consumes 300x the recommended amount of protein. Protein is not like B12 where you need to TRY to get enough. You just will. I don't even think about it. There are plenty of plant based proteins. Beans are my favorite, and when they are combined with rice they make a whole protein. Quinoa (pronounced kEEn-wa) is a great source. So are nuts, seeds, and any grain. Also, most vegans/vegetarians have some source of soy in their diet, which is the only naturally occuring, non-meat whole protien. As long as you have a varied diet, you will be FINE!

My roommate thinks that making food takes too long and is too much of an effort, so she eats out a lot. I never eat out. Tonight I made myself thick, seasoned fries which were delicious. I cut up some potatoes, put them in a bag with some spices and olive oil and shook them up while the oven was heating, tossed them on a pan and put them in the oven. Half an hour later, I came back and they were DELICIOUS. It took maybe 5 minutes time, and they were really healthy. You would take the same amount of time waiting in line at McDonalds, for an inferior fry. Plus, I knew exactly what went into them; there were no trans fats, no lard, nothing that wasn't natural and healthy.

I have been putting more effort into eating healthy and I think after I finish my jug of milk in the fridge (along with my Cheerios) I am going to go vegan again. It only takes 3 weeks to overcome cravings, so if I cut out the milk and cheese for that long I will be home free. (I already don't eat eggs. I'm just not comfortable with it. I wouldn't want someone eating my eggs. That would just be weird).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoe Obsession Revisited

Very soon after my last post I was stumbling around the internet and I came across Shoe Dazzle. It is a site that sends you a new shoe each month that are based on your stated shoe preferences.

I just about had a heart attack. This is pretty much the shoe site of my dreams.

When I graduate and begin to have an extra $40 to spend monthly I am TOTALLY going to sign up for this site. I can't stop thinking about 12 new shoes a year though... I'm not sure my feet can last till graduation...

Monday, January 19, 2009

100 Things in 1001 Days

My roommate came up with the idea to do 100 things in 1001 days, and I love the idea. I really wanted to see what is on her list to compare it with mine, but unfortunately I never got on the Livejournal bandwagon and she has her list closed. Coincidentally, I have a list of things I want to do before I die, and I complied that list into a list that could possibly be doable in 3 years. Since that list was WAY too short I added several more things off the top of my head and I still only have 80 items on the list. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

The List

  1. Memorize the Preamble and the Declaration
  2. Learn to rock climb
  3. Go Spelunking!
  4. Fall asleep in a garden
  5. Write to Melanie Rawn about the third book
  6. Make out with pop-rocks in my mouth
  7. Kiss in the rain
  8. Make a time capsule, by myself, to open in 50 years
  9. Learn to drive
  10. Roll down a hill in a tire
  11. Make a skirt that has a circumference that is wider than a circle
  12. Make a quilt
  13. Go to a rave
  14. Run a marathon
  15. Make a website and keep it updated
  16. Learn how to complete a Rubix cube, do it once and then get over it
  17. Watch every Audrey Tautou movie ever made
  18. Visit a psychic/palm reader and have them tell my fortune
  19. Read Freud and Simone de Beauvoir
  20. Read the original Peter Pan by James Barry
  21. Read Tolstoy
  22. Read the Origin of Species
  23. Have a window garden
  24. Learn to surf
  25. Learn to skim board
  26. Learn a bit more Japanese
  27. get important pictures printed and make some photo albums
  28. Learn to read palms with out a book next to me
  29. Learn to read Tarot cards without a book next to me
  30. Learn to embroider
  31. get more cases and finish coin collection with info and stuff
  32. Learn to speak Italian fluently
  33. Learn to speak French fluently
  34. Learn how to protect myself—aka take a self defense class
  35. Take a psychology class
  36. Take a ballroom dancing class (tango, waltz, salsa, flamenco…)
  37. Take a ballet class
  38. Visit the town in Italy that my family came from
  39. Get a professional massage
  40. Have an annual tea party for all of my friends to get together
  41. Meet Joanna Lindsey or Catherine Coulter or Victoria Alexander or Stephanie Laurens
  42. Go camping at least once a year
  43. Backpack the whole TRT
  44. backpack the john Muir Trail
  45. Go on a rollercoaster until I puke
  46. Organize my photographs into photo albums
  47. make a quilt
  48. make a collage
  49. write a letter to the city counsel
  50. track down Naomi and Ami’s addresses and invite them to the US
  51. Stop drinking soda altogether
  52. go to the gym for weights at least 3 times a week
  53. train for a marathon
  54. actually run a marathon
  55. read more of the books that are assigned in my classes
  56. plan to get As in my classes instead of settling
  57. cultivate the friendships that I have
  58. start throwing dinner or tea parties
  59. finish making 1000 cranes
  60. lose 30 lbs
  61. start writing blogs more regularly
  62. become a better vegetarian
  63. write a thank you note to Hillary Clinton, and someone who impacted my life that didn’t necessarily know it
  64. Legitimately beat Mark at chess
  65. eat more vegetables
  66. learn to use a sewing machine to make clothing
  67. learn to translate a fashion drawing into a functional pattern
  68. go dumpster-diving
  69. go on a roadtrip
  70. start paying my own bills instead of relying on my parents
  71. continue to improve my self esteem
  72. reject people who make me feel bad about myself
  73. take a yoga class
  74. try tai chi
  75. plan ahead to give blood so that my iron will actually be high enough to give blood
  76. save a life
  77. positively impact someone’s life
  78. be as caring as my father
  79. be as thoughtful as my mother
  80. integrate art into my everyday life instead of relying on art class assignments and doodles in the margins of my notebooks
  81. smile at strangers even when they don’t smile back
  82. volunteer more time with girl scouts
  83. make an effort to be more reliable, responsible and motivated
  84. take control of my life and stop waiting for life to happen to me
  85. learn to meditate and relax
  86. see a doctor if my headaches don’t stop
  87. put money into a savings account and don’t spend it
  88. go for walks after dinner

Friday, November 14, 2008

In Pursuit of Peace

I originally titled this blog "In Pursuit of Happiness" because of my ongoing struggle with joy, and my reverence for the political system to which I have dedicated these 4 college years of my life. Almost a year later, I am in a better place emotionally, and I am searching for something more than happiness.

The difference between peace and happiness is that peace has more to do with your relationship with yourself and your surroundings and the world and your relationship to the people in the world. I am searching not only for myself but for everyone else. I don't know how to reach peace, inner peace, world peace, peace of mind... but I invite you to join me in my adventure.